About Us

Welcome to BridgePay, a friendly and professional payment service designed for Nigerians who need to make online international payments in dollars and euros. 

As the founder of BridgePay, my motivation for creating this platform was to help people overcome the challenges of making international payments in dollars. I saw the struggle many of my previous customers faced when trying to pay for professional courses, renew servers, purchase domains, or quickly pay for orders on Aliexpress. They just wanted something instant with less free.

So, I decided to create BridgePay to open up my service to more people and automate the payment request process to serve even more customers. Since it started as a weekend project, it’s becoming a trusted platform that people feel comfortable to make their payment.

My name is Alabi Abdulhafeez, and I am the founder of Provarex, a venture studio that creates new startups and tech enabled businesses from scratch. We achieve this with partners like founders, entrepreneurs, investors, and organizations to create and fund startups. Through my freelancing experience, I became familiar with the whole dollar payment thing, which made me understand how to go about developing BridgePay and offering the best service to our customers. 

Also, at BridgePay, we are passionate about encouraging Nigerian talents to export their services globally. Our platform enables us to process their foreign currency and convert it to our local currency for making international payments on behalf of our customers. We believe that exporting talent will be a win for the economy and we want to help pursue that vision beyond just making international payments for people.

Join us today and experience the ease, simplicity, and guarantee of using BridgePay for your international payments. We look forward to serving you!

ALABI, Abdulhafeez