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Why Fees?
Amount($) Online Payment
Service Fee
Dollar Cash Deposit Fee
in Dom Account
$1 - $25 $1 $2
$26 - $50 $1.50 $2
$51 - $75 $2 $2
$76 - $100 $2.5 $2
$101 - $150 $3 $2
$151 - $200 $3.50 $2
$201 - $250 $4 $3
$251 - $300 $4.5 $3
$301 - $500 $5 $4
$501 - $750 $6 $5
$751 - $1000 $7 $5
Above $1000 Custom Custom

Some of the platforms we have helped our customers pay on

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Why Fees?

We charge the following small service fee for us to accomplish our primary objective which is to provide you with a fast, guaranteed, cheap and reliable international payment service with a 99.999% success rate.

Guaranteed Payment

We charge a small service fee for helping you to make sure your online dollar payment goes through whichever way, that's left to us. What this mean is that you are guaranteed your payment will go through, and we achieve this by trying all possible means to complete your online payment.

Fast And Conveniency

This fee also covers the cost of providing a stress-free and convenient payment service that eliminates the need for you to go through the process of getting a dollar card, leaving your house, making dollar deposits, card creation fee, maintainance fee, or obtaining signatories to open an account.

Full Refund

If your dollar payment doesn’t go through, you get the exact Naira equivalent you sent to us without a single kobo reduction. You are rest assured that any unsuccessful transactions are promptly addressed, providing you with a peaceful and sefe financial experience.